Software Defined Storage

In your living room at home, you used to have a half-dozen control devices for the TV, the set top box for streaming Internet content to the TV, a DVR, a video game, a DVD player, and an amplifier. Today the six home entertainment devices have been supplanted by a universal remote control. Similarly, software-defined storage controls the physical arrays in your data center.

At the same time, software-defined storage also provides a new architecture for a variety of new kinds of workloads. Just like how HDTV and an HD DVR are changing the way we enjoy movies and sporting events in new formats on TV, new applications and new content types are being introduced to data centers.

Customer Challenges

These days, there are many storage choices for IT organizations. In fact, with the rapid adoption of solid state storage arrays, we are seeing clients with 2 or more arrays quite frequently. This usually introduces questions around how data can be seamlessly moved between disparate hardware, OR, how can you create a local storage high availability solution. Still other challenges include rapid data growth, performance, centralized management and storage capacity pooling.

Adding additional confusion to the Software Defined Storage (SDS) discussion are new Hyper Converged systems, and Storage Virtualization technology. While storage virtualization certainly is a form of SDS, the emergence of Hyper Converged architectures has helped muddy the waters. Please refer to Hyper Convergence for more details.

Elysian Technology Solutions

With our extensive background in storage technologies, Elysian Technology can help in assessing your environment and developing a strategy. Today, there are multiple solutions allowing you to seamlessly move workloads between arrays with zero impact to applications. Additionally, the technology can be extended to create zero downtime solutions between arrays, OR automate tiering between arrays possessing different performance capabilities. There is an extensive list of options when it comes to SDS, which are only muddied by the influx of Hyper Converged solutions. We will help you design a strategy, and lay out a roadmap to take advantage of new technologies like SDS.