Hyper Convergence

Some industry IT professionals have likened breaking down reference architecture, converged infrastructure, and hyper-converged infrastructure to a slice of pizza. You can make it yourself by following detailed instructions, you can buy it pre-packaged at the grocery, or you can custom order by selecting your options in advance and have it delivered to you in a box complete with toppings just the way you like it.

Customer Challenges

Rapidly increasing server and storage requirements, combined with flat budgets has put many generalists and storage administrators in a tough spot.  Hours are spent tuning, and juggling performance and capacity. Most people are familiar with the concept of applying lowest common denominator, but in storage quite the opposite applies.  Consider that we are in what is statistically the safest period of air travel ever, and yet discontent with airline safety is at an all-time high. As end users, we don’t measure success by the absence of failure. We demand more. Satisfaction is often dominated by negative experience. Storage arrays are typically purchased to ensure that the most mission critical applications receive the performance and availability they require.  So how do you match the right cost of storage with the business criticality of the application… without significantly increasing management complexity (Remember why we consolidated to storage arrays in the first place?)?  These are common challenges that have new answers.

Elysian Technology Solutions

In our view, the days of one storage array to rule them all in the data center are over.  Correctly applying the right cost/availability storage solution to align with the business application requirement will be key. You are already buying servers today, would it be cheaper to add storage to those servers?  The combination of virtualization, compute, storage and sometimes network on a single platform is called Hyper Converged.  Hyper Convergence happens to be one of the hottest markets today.  Many customers are realizing the benefits of lower costs for Tier 2/3 and Development storage, with minimal operational costs.  This is a great way to reign in storage costs while maintaining service levels.  Elysian Technology can help evaluate and implement the right storage solutions for your company.