Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

A disaster isn’t just an unexpected earthquake, a ferocious storm or a violent terrorist attack that make the news, but anything that makes the ordinary conduct of business difficult or even impossible. If an event, at any scale, can interrupt your operations, it poses a threat you cannot ignore.   The first step toward recovery planning is disaster consciousness: understanding how a disruption would impact your business and what you can do to prevent or mitigate disastrous consequences.

Customer Challenges

Some lucky clients have had the ability to develop full Disaster Recovery plans, but still many others have not.  There are many reasons why you may not have.  Maybe you haven’t had the time to plan, had the equipment to effectively failover, or lack that second or third site to fail to.  Ensuring that one can effectively meet business SLAs for Recovery Point Objectives (RPO – How much data can we afford to lose?) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO – How long can we be down for?) are both critical components.  Most of the time those RPO and RTO’s are tied directly to business risk in the form of lost revenue.  If you are strapped for resources, don’t have a second site, or don’t have the time to develop a strategy… what do you do?

Elysian Technology Solutions

The days of needing a second location or expensive duplicate hardware collecting dust are over.  Don’t get us wrong, if you have a second site we can help.  However, you don’t want to pay costly bridge tolls on the days you don’t commute to work. Similarly, if you are looking to send data offsite, and only pay for what you actually use… there are mature, easy to use, and cost effective cloud solutions available.  Let Elysian Technology help pick the right solution.