Backup and Archival

In information technology, the process of backing up refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. Think of backups like copy machines and faxes. Faxes are when you save to a remote location by sending or transmitting the data, and copy machines are when you’re saving where you are. You can save the copy in the same file cabinet (same drive), or you can put it in another file cabinet (different drive) which can be next to the other or physically separated from the first (external drive).

Customer Challenges

Backup isn’t always the newest, or most exciting topic, but it is arguably still one of the most important.  One method of backup is to use tapes.  Tapes provide the portability and media stability needed to move your information offsite.  Tapes also suffer from some of the expected shortcomings of older technologies. Reading from and writing to tapes takes longer than other backup methods. There is a higher chance of data corruption or problems reading data from tapes than, say, disk-based backup. Over time, as data sets have grown, tape solutions have become increasingly expensive to maintain.  When considering all the costs associated tapes, you find an escalating problem.

Another method of backup is to use disk based solutions.  Disk-based backup is significantly quicker and more reliable for data restoration than tape-based backup. Also, restoration from disk is a relatively efficient process. You’ll avoid the hassles of retrieving, sequencing and then replicating tapes one by one. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that disk-based backups still reside in your on-site data location. So you still need to backup to a third party or a second site with a disk backup device.

It is also important to note that many companies are coming under increasing legal and compliance reasons to retain data, and its search-ability.  There are typically costs associated with not being able to recover data in a timely fashion. The biggest challenge for most is to ensure that your data is protected, that you can RECOVER effectively, and you don’t break the bank in the process.

Elysian Technology Solutions

In our experience, there is an opportunity for customers to take advantage of a combination of disk backup, cloud solutions, and intelligent archival.  Gone are the days of simple backups to tape, and shipping those tapes to a ‘vault.’  Let Elysian Technology analyze your environment and show you how to protect your assets by taking advantage of the low cost public cloud storage, in a secure manner, to reduce costs.