What is edge computing?

December 17th, 2018 | By Christina Baker

If you follow us on social media, and you should, you’ll notice that we post a lot about trends in the industry and trends we hear about from our clients. We pride ourselves on our relationships with clients and their willingness to speak freely about their challenges and goals. One thing we’ve been hearing a lot are the concerns over the “internet of things” and how to effectively manage so many pieces in so many different locations. With each piece of equipment transferring data and real time analytics, providing security, performing automation directly affecting productivity, companies are increasingly reliant on the #IoT. Add in that many of these pieces are offsite, sometimes states away, and the challenges are obvious.  Edge computing is a buzzword that’s been gaining traction, but what is edge computing exactly?

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for what you need to know about edge computing in today’s climate:


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