About Us

Elysian was born like many companies, at a dinner table. Bill Burke and his son, Shawn, both worked for IT solutions providers. They’d often share knowledge, debate best practices, and trade war stories from particularly difficult problems they’d been asked to solve. But what frustrated them both the most was the disconnect there seemed to be between IT departments and the C-suite. With new technologies emerging daily, why didn’t more companies take full advantage of the capabilities these technologies offered? What if companies had a partner that could understand their goals and show them how to leverage tech to achieve those goals? What if IT staff had an ally that spoke their language, understood their concerns, and could help them show the C-suite the impact IT can have on the bottom line? 

Audrey, who has spent the last 20 years as an advocate for children with disabilities, recognized the opportunity.  Her experience bringing people together and leading the New Hampshire Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, led her to realize that as a team they could be the technology partners that Bill and Shawn wanted to be.  Over a holiday, she approached Bill and Shawn with the concept and the rest is history.

Core Values

Today Elysian Technology, a woman-owned business, operates under specific core values: 

Consultative Approach 

Our team approaches each client with a collaborative spirit and an open mind. We are there to learn. We focus on your unique situation and your unique challenges. We do not believe in the existence of a one size fits all solution. 

Diversity of background 

Our staff is made up of former IT admins, product specialists from vendors, and engineers from other solution providers. This breadth of experience gives us the unique position of being able to see a challenge from its many viewpoints. We understand because we’ve been there. 

Vendor neutral model

Because our team has a wide variety of experiences, we avoid vendor myopia. There will be a lot of opinions and discussion on how best to solve a problem.  

Unmatched client experience 

Our clients are often surprised by our approach. They feel heard. They feel valued. And it’s because they are.  


In just three years, Elysian has forged relationships with clients in Healthcare, R&D, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Software Development, Universities, Food and Beverage, Entertainment, and more. We’ve saved clients thousands on their infrastructure, shrunk DevOps time to market by days and weeks, and enhanced security.  

We’re excited to meet you. Let’s get started.